Saturday, September 10, 2011

Welcome...and our first freebie!

Welcome to my teacher blog!  I'm excited to start sharing ideas for the classroom in this space!

I'm a Business & Marketing teacher in Arkansas, and teach grades 9-12.  This year my schedule includes Interior Design, Advertising, Fashion Merchandising, Computer Business Applications, and my favorite classes, Digital Layout & Design and Digital Graphics.  In my room, it's a fun day, EVERY day!

My goals for the blog include sharing all the awesome, fun, teachery things I find on the net, as well as downloads and things I make for my shop over on Teacher's Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers.

To start off the fun, here is a set of colorful damask blank tags that I use in my classroom for name tags, seating charts, and computer numbers.  They're a PDF file and were handmade by me in Photoshop.  You can download them in my TPT store HERE.

I created the damask background tile.  The adorable dotty swirl frame is a freebie Photoshop brush from Pixels and Ice Cream.  I love her brushes!  She's very generous to provide a free commercial/personal license for freebies too.  Go visit if you love PS brushes!

I hope you'll favorite my teacher blog and join the sharing fun!  I make a LOT of printables for myself, and most of these are applicable to ANY grade level, not just highs school!  I finally decided...why not SHARE!  Besides...I get some of my best ideas from my favorite elementary teacher blogs! So I hope you'll join me here, even if you teach at a different level.

Next up... I'll be sharing photos of my classroom!

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  1. Hey Ms Amos!
    I have followed you over from your sewing blog. Your classroom is HUGE. I am jealous jealous jealous. I didn't realise you were a teacher. I am too. I teach Modern languages to students aged 11 to 19 in the UK. I'm afraid I have no idea what age grades 9 - 12 are, but I just love your bunting, Cx