Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lesson Planning

I have lots of lesson plan forms I've tried over the years.  I'm still tweaking!  I have two favorites, one that shows the whole week - all classes in a 2-page spread (great for my binder!), and the other is a 1-page/1-class/1-day detailed plan.

Here's a peek at the 2-page plan.  It has a colorful shaded heading for each day of the week, and a column on the right for notes/reminders.   There is also a narrow column on the left to add class periods/class names.  I teach on a 4x4 block schedule, but for my TPT store, I modified my template to include 6-period and 7-period days.  All three are included in one free download HERE.

This second --very detailed-- template is perfect for new lessons or activities (or just new classes!) when you are afraid you'll forget little details.  It has sections for pretty much EVERYTHING, including vocab, chapter/page numbers, warmups, materials, Kagan/Cooperative learning activities, homework, assessment, technology...  Everything!  I uploaded a no-color and a colorful version of this detailed template today and you can download it HERE.   (Free of course!)

Hopefully one or both of these might be helpful to you!


  1. I just found you on your post on Runde's ROom blog. I love how you made this idea digital. And thanks for sharing your directions. I hope my third graders can create this. Might be too advanced...but I'm going to try.
    AMy from Tucson,AZ

  2. You're very welcome! I agree, might be too advanced for 3rd grade (the pen tool is frustrating) but maybe there's an arc type shape/tool in Paint? I haven't used Paint in so long I don't know! I know there's one in Word, if they know how to use Word shapes. :) They wouldn't be able to fill the colors in with Word though. Hmmm. If I think of another (easier) solution, I'll post another reply! Good luck!