Sunday, May 31, 2015

2015-16 Free Printable School Calendar

That's a mouthful!

I am always on the hunt for blank calendar pages that I can use to pre-plan my units and lessons for a new school year. I'm admittedly a big old nerd, but I do love taking home my unit plans and teaching materials and having a fresh, clean slate for the approaching school year.

Although I'm required to keep electronic plans at my school, I still do plan by paper first. I guess my brain is hard wired to "write it down"!

This year I decided to just make my own calendar instead of pulling one off one of the many free versions on the web. For one reason: I don't need Sat/Sun and without those days...the other boxes are larger (more room for writing!)

Here's a preview:

You can download the entire school-year calendar for August 2015-June 2016 for free in my Teachers Pay Teacher's Store!

Hope you all had a great year and have a long, relaxing summer break! One of my goals is to add more content to this site and my TPT store next year, so I hope you'll hang in there with me. <3