Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Classroom...

A little background...  we were lucky enough to move into a brand new school this year, so my room is wonderful and shiny new!  It's huge's taking me a while to get used to making my voice carry ALL the way to the back!

(Btw, I took these photos with my iPhone in the late afternoon, so they're not the BEST photos, haha!)  This is at the front of my room, my SMART board and white board, and bookshelves where I'll keep my class sets of textbooks:

The XL weekly planners are attached to the whiteboard with magnetic strips.  I made those...I'll upload the freebie to my TPT store soon and link them here on the blog!  Right now they're individual files, so I need to add them to one long document first.  Also...I'd like for them to be a wee bit bigger; I might just resize too before I share them.  They're working out really well for the kids to see what we're doing/the week at a glance.

Next, the left side of my classroom...

I made the bunting/banner by sewing triangles of scrap fabrics in fun colors to a length of grosgrain ribbon.  It was actually a fast and easy project!  Cutting the triangles was the longest part, but I used a rotary cutter & mat with a clear ruler.  The B&W posters are from Hobby Lobby.  You can see a corner of my cute bulletin board peeking in from the far right.  I'll show it next.

The background paper on the bulletin board is 12 x 12 scrapbook paper.  It was from a matched set but I don't have the package here to tell you who the designer is!  It's feedsack and vintage farmhouse prints.  Very cute!  This bulletin board is now my Word Wall.  I added a cute hanging sign from one of the hooks a week ago, so I'll have to snap a new pic!

The art cart rolls around the room as we need it.  It's full of large format paper in the bottom storage area, my paper cutters and hole punch in the middle storage shelf, and the end shelving holds my scissor, glue, crayon, and marker boxes.  This is an awesome cart!

Looking to the back of the classroom, you can see my tables & chairs for classroom seating, and the back wall.  This room is HUGE!  The tall shelving unit at the back right hand corner, isn't permanent, it was just in my room while we waited for a closet to be cleaned out.  The posters on the back wall were from Hobby Lobby; so were the hanging lanterns.

The right side of my classroom has windows (yay!) and more bunting.  Posters are from Hobby Lobby, except the large yellow one in the back.  That was a free printable from Joy's Hope (sorry, I've lost my link!)  It says... "What you write might just change the world..."  The kids love that poster! 

On the far back table, I have two cubes from Hobby Lobby or Target, that I decoupaged with polkadot gift tissue in red/white.  They're so cute!  I painted the back of the paper storage cube with rainbow stripes to match the bunting. 

The drawer unit is used for rulers, punches, decorative scissors, and other miscellaneous things we used in class for portfolios and projects.  We're hands on project people here!

That'll do for pictures now.  I have made a few changes in the first few weeks while we settled in.  Not to anything above; just things I've added.  I'll try to snap some pictures of the new stuff next week and upload those too! 


  1. As school based speech-language therapist, I am so jealous of your space!!! Ask 10 speech-therapists about their speech rooms and I'll bet 8 of them have terrible rooms, but are making it work! have a great school year!

  2. Aw, I sympathize! I pushed a "cart" from room to room for 4 years, with NO room of my own. :) Maybe mine is so big to make up the differencee? haha!