Sunday, September 16, 2012

5-Day Lesson Plan Template ~ Free

Last year I created a 5-day Lesson Plan template for my TPT store, that included "spaces" to plan for my entire day.  I teach on a 4x4 block schedule with a split lunch and an "Encore" (study hall) period, so I used a version slightly different than the one I posted on TPT (and here) but it was still mostly the same.

I discovered, though,  that by condensing my weekly lesson plan for each class (I teach 3 preps each "block" with one planning period) I was losing some much needed space for "reminders" and for those activities that were new or unfamiliar to me.  As such, I was working out of TWO lesson plans a lot of the time; the 2-page spread that I created for my "lesson planning binder" and an individual "class lesson plan" for those activity-filled days.

Frankly, I was losing my marbles trying to remember where I typed/put/found information!  So it was back to the drawing board for me!  This is the template I'm trying out THIS year.  It's still a 2-page spread, 5-day lesson plan (week at a glance almost), with all of the items my district requires plus a few extras that I like to have on hand. (Like birthdays).

I still went for a colorful mix, because I like bright, cheery colors.  The font used is "Jester" and is freely available on Urban Fonts and Dafont, last I checked.  The owl clip art is from Pink Pueblo, who has adorable cliparts and Photoshop brushes in her Etsy shop.

This lesson plan format is probably most suitable for someone like me, who teaches multiple classes per day and needs a bit more detailed plan for the week. 

The margins are suitable for hole punching in the center so that the plan lies flat in a binder!  Woot! That's my favorite part. :)

If you need a new LP template, check it out!  It's fully customizable, in a docx format and is a free download in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Let me know if you need a Scribd link, I can add it there as well!

Hope you're having a great year!

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