Saturday, October 8, 2011

Free Printable: Giant Wall Calendar

I have long wanted one of these!  Pottery Barn had a cool one for your office a few years ago, and many Etsy sellers have taken this idea and ran with it. 

I had some free time on my hands (and a blank spot behind my desk at school) so I made my own!

It's HUGE!  A full 24 x 36 inches, standard poster size.  I'm going to make a Hobby Lobby run in the next couple of days to pick up a pretty white frame for it (and some 3M removable hooks too). 

It's a perpetual calendar, with a blank to write in the month and nice big squares to write in all of your to-do's in each day.  You can use Expo or dry erase markers right on the glass from the frame. 

My name is only in the preview...that cute little tag (from the Coffeeshop Blog!) is blank on the actual printable I uploaded to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Feel free to open it in Photoshop or your graphics program and add your name if you like!

You can download your own Giant Perpetual Wall Calendar in my TPT store!

I think I'll use Walgreen's to print my poster, or maybe Vistaprint (which is a little cheaper). 

I took a picture of my Graphic Design student's Optical Illusion artwork from the Line Project I posted last month.  They turned out really awesome!  I'll have to download the photo from my ipod and share that in the next few days.  I have several other things I've been wanting to share and have just been too busy.  Can you believe how fast September flew by??

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I'm sure you've printed your calendar by now, but one idea is to have it printed at Staples as an "engineer print," like a blueprint. They are about $3-4 and are 24x36. Plus you get rewards back from them!